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Daisy Pearce

Daisy is a writer, mom, and expert on all things toddler-related. As a parent of three young children, she's experienced the highs and lows of parenthood firsthand, and she's passionate about sharing her insights with others. Through her website, The Toddler Life, Daisy offers practical advice and tips on everything from potty training to picky eaters. She's not afraid to get real about the challenges of parenting, and her honest and relatable writing style has earned her a loyal following of readers.

Girls Potty: Everything You Need to Know About Potty Training for Girls

Potty training is a significant milestone for every child, and it can be a challenging process for parents and caregivers. ...

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2-Year-Old with Cough and Runny Nose but No Fever: Possible Causes and Treatment

A cough and runny nose can be common symptoms in children, especially those under the age of 5. It can ...

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18-Month-Old Toddler Tantrums: Understanding and Managing Them

Toddler tantrums can be a challenging phase for parents and caregivers. At around 18 months, toddlers begin to assert their ...

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Noise-Canceling Kids Headphones: The Best Options for Safe and Enjoyable Listening

Noise-canceling headphones for kids are becoming increasingly popular among parents who want to protect their children’s hearing and provide them ...

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How to Get a Toddler to Wear a Hat: Tips and Tricks for Parents

Getting your toddler to wear a hat can be a challenge for many parents. Whether it’s the summer sun or ...

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How to Teach Your 1 Year Old to Fall Asleep on Their Own

Getting a 1-year-old to fall asleep on their own can be a challenge for many parents. It’s normal for young ...

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How to Get Your Toddler to Sleep in Their Own Bed All Night: Proven Strategies

Getting your toddler to sleep in their own bed all night can be a challenging task for most parents. It ...

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Toddler High Pitched Scream for Fun: Understanding the Reasons Behind This Common Behavior

High-pitched screaming is a common behavior among toddlers that can be both frustrating and confusing for parents. While it is ...

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Toddler Activities Dover, New Hampshire: Top Spots for Early Childhood Fun

Looking for ways to keep your toddler entertained in Dover, New Hampshire? This charming town offers a variety of activities ...

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