Blow Painting with Straws | Learn How to Blow Paint with Straws: An Easy and Fun Craft

Do you have a little one in your life who is looking for an easy and fun craft to do? Well blow painting with straws is a great option! When I was a kid, my mom would make really abstract paintings this way and it is a method that I’ve passed down to my children as well.

The cool thing about blow painting with straws is that it’s really easy to create a wonderful piece of art and doesn’t require many supplies, making it an ideal activity for kids. In this article we will look at how to blow paint with straws step by step so that anyone can create their own masterpiece!

What is blow painting?

Blow painting is a technique in which paint is blown onto the canvas with straws. It is a very simple technique that only requires the use of straws and some water-based paints. It is also fun for toddlers to do as they can really flex their creative muscles.

The blow painting technique can also allow for large pieces to be created quickly and with less mess. It is also known as straw painting due to the use of straws.

The blow painting technique is often used in schools to teach children how different colors can be mixed together. It can easily be setup at home with limited resources required.

Materials needed for the project

  • Lots of paper or card stock for your creations. White paper is a standard go-to for art projects but you can also use heavier weight paper to withstand the wetness. 
  • Paints. Water-based paints are best but you can use craft paint and mix with some water.     
  • Paper Cups               
  • Paper tray for putting the wet paper in after blowing on
  • Water. You’ll need a bit of water to mix the paint and make it easier to move around
  • Food coloring. If you’re worried your little one will eat the paint, use some food coloring instead
  • Paper towel to mop up any spills
  • Pipette for precision

How to blow paint with straws?

Follow these five easy steps to create your blow straw art.

  1. Use water to mix with paints and place in separate cups.
  2. Put a piece of paper on the tray or workspace.
  3. Using a pipette or straw*, gather some paint from one of the cups and drop it onto your paper. (*Toddlers might struggle with a straw so give them a hand to get started.) 
  4. Place one end of the straw near the paint blobs and blow into the other end to move the paint around and create unique shapes.
  5. Use a variety of colors to add interest and create a really unique piece of art!

Tips and tricks for blowing paint with straws 

  • If you blow too hard, your paint will spray everywhere and make a mess! Be gentle but consistent to create the perfect blow paintings every time.
  • When you blow into the straw, make sure that it is pointed in a downward direction. This keeps the paint on the paper and avoids too much mess being created!
  • Cut the straws in half to make it easier for a toddler to handle.
  • Change how hard you blow to create thin or thicker lines.
  • For best results, blow paint onto a flat surface that is waterproof.
  • Add paint in splodges and then add drops of water to the paper and get your toddler to blow the water into the paint. This can gamify the painting and add a fun new angle.

Blow paint art ideas 

Here are some great ideas to try with blow painting:

  • Try making some flowers, polka dots and stripes.
  • Blow paint music notes
  • Love hearts on a black paper for an easy valentines decoration idea!
  • Blow painting of sea life such as star fish or seahorses
  • Blow paint Monster, superheroes and fairies! 
  • Use oranges and reds to make sunrise or sunset paintings

Blow painting with blow straws is a fun and easy way to create art. With a variety of paint colors, there really is no limit to what you can achieve. The article shared different ways you can use blow painting for your own creative projects, like blow paint polka dots or blow painting flowers. You should also consider using permanent markers to create some starting shapes or some googly eyes for some abstract faces. 

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