Counting to 20 Activities

Counting from 1-20: simple games kindergarten class kids will enjoy

Counts are an important part of life. From simple things like how many apples we eat each day to larger numbers like how much money we make per year, counts are everywhere.

But what if you were missing out on something?

What if you could learn to count without actually having to do any math?

That’s where counting games come into play!

These fun and interactive activities will get your child practicing his/her skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions. You can find lots of ways to incorporate counting games into your daily routine. For example, you might start by teaching your child to recognize shapes, then move onto colors and objects. Once your child knows how to identify basic shapes, he/she can easily learn to count. Plus, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to reinforce those skills throughout the week.

Kindergarten Counting Games

Who doesn’t adore a good count off? Counts off are an awesome method to educate youngsters about the value of the quantity one through twenty. They’re enjoyable and engaging for each age group, yet kids especially appreciate them. We’ve assembled fifteen games that your preschoolers will cherish playing. They’re intended to assist your kids learn about the value of the amount one through 20. These games will not just provide them with practice in calculating, however additionally help them build solid math abilities.

When you’re counting, you’ll probably find yourself thinking about how many things there are in your life. You might think about the people in your family, friends, pets, favorite foods, hobbies, or sports teams. You could also start thinking about numbers that represent something else, such as money, cars, houses, or even days of the week. For example, if you were counting down the days until Christmas, you would count down from 365 (the number of days in a year) to 0 (the day before Christmas). Or, if you were counting up the days until summer vacation started, you’d count up from 0 (the last day of school) to 364 (the first day of summer break).

They’ll have such a blast; they won’t even realize they’re having an educational adventure! More importantly, playing will help your learners develop a strong number understanding. This is foundational to building a solid mathematical foundation. Something that will help your kids as they progress into more advanced math concepts. Click here for more information on number understanding and why it’s vital.

Counting Printables

Counting 1-20

Counting Around the Circles: 3 variations

  • Sit in a circle, count around the circle from one to twenty. Each student must say the next consecutive number. When they get the idea, try rolling a soft rubber (not hard plastic) baseball back and forth. The person who catches the baseball can say the next number.
  • Make a deck of numbered playing card. Invite a student to draw one at random. Count forward starting from that number.
  • Counting to twenty can be done without saying any numbers out loud. You just say “one”, then “two” and so on. When you reach one hundred, stop counting and shout “stop!” Then start again.

1. Make a group

I’m so excited about this game! Let’s play it together! Inviting children to move around your room, stop the song and shout out numbers between two and twenty. Groups of kids will start forming, and if any student doesn’t join a group they’ll help you choose the next one. Once everyone has joined a group, let them count down from ten and then begin playing! You can also add a little silliness to the game, such as calling out names instead of numbers.

2. Number Jumps

Grab some numbers flash cards (1-10) and shuffle them. Put them into a pile so they’re not mixed up. Then pick one person to go first. Read out loud the first card. That student should jump once. When he lands, ask him to say how many times he jumped. He should say “one.” Repeat until everyone knows what to say. Once everyone knows the answer, start counting. Every single person should say “one” when his foot hits the ground. You can keep doing this until everyone knows the answer.

3. Let’s Get Marching

Stand in a circle (and make sure no one else is standing within it) and march around the room while you sing out loud. Singing helps get everyone moving and having fun. You may wish to invite students to join in singing along. Can you do a back flip? Hop on one foot? Jump rope? Do jumping jacks? Just sing!

Number games for kindergarten

We’ve collected a bunch of free educational activities that would be fun for kids to play during their math time at school. Print them out and give them to your students’ teachers so they can use them too!

Monster Race – A free printable game to practice counting from one to twenty!

We’ve developed an engaging counting game for kids that helps them learn numbers from 1-20 and recognize their numbers. You can choose between black-and-white and colored versions of the game board.

Learning numbers for kindergarten

  • Cardstock
  • Game spinner
  • Small counters in different colors
  • Laminator(optional)


  • Print out the board, spindle, and words on card stock paper.
  • If you want to keep your board longer, laminate it.
  • Cut out word cards
  • Assembling the spindle by punching holes in its center works well.

NOTE You can use any kind of brad or paper clip for this project. This video shows you exactly how to put together the spinneret.

Counting games for kindergarten

  • Each player will be given a collection of colored playing pieces (20).
  • Each player in turns spins the arrows or paperclips and puts down the appropriate number of markers on his/her 20 frames.
  • Plates keep turning and filling up all the square frames. Each player can see how many counters they have left on their plate after every round. They can also see how many empty spaces remain on their plate. This helps kids learn about addition and subtration. But it also builds a strong foundation for multiplication and division later on.
  • The first person to fill all the blanks in the grid will win the game.

Kindergarten math games

Want more games and activities for kids to practice counting? Here are some ideas.

1. Candy Teen Numbers: counting to twenty

Looking for fun ways to teach your children about math? Here are some great ideas! In this math lesson, kids will count on a 20-piece mat, read out loud, and write numerals. Kids will also practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions. You can print these mats onto cardstock paper or laminate them so they last longer.

10. Count to 20 apples

Learning how to count can be a lot of fun! This apple counting activity invites students to learn about numerals. They’ll love exploring the concept of place value and counting on their own. Reinforce their knowledge of math concepts with this engaging game. Just download and go!

10. Star Wars Counting

Ok this is not exactly a math game, but it was just too cute to pass up! This hands-on star wars math activities is a great way to learn about addition and subtraction to twenty. You can play it any day of the year, but we recommend playing it on May the fourth (May the Fourth Be With You!) or anytime during the school year. Who doesn’t enjoy Star Wars? It is perfect for kindergarten through second grade.

11. Catch 20 Bugs

Count to 20 can be a challenging task for beginners. Yet, with the proper math aids — like this bug countig app — you’re guaranteed to have success! This app features a simple interface where kids learn how to add, subtract and count. Simply download the PDF file and get started!

12.Pool Writing Numbers 1-20

Want to sneak in summer learning for kids? Here’s an easy game to play! You’ll only require pompoms (the kind you can buy at any party store), a dry eraser, and a piece of paper. Print out the summer printable and let your child count to 20. They’re bound to learn something new about numbers along the way!

For counting from one to twenty, use the following pattern:

Celebrate spring with these super cute counting games for 1-20! These adorable counting games are perfect for practicing your addition and subtraction skills. They feature a printable board that is made up of colorful flowers and happy bunnies. You can play them any time of year, so no matter what season you’re celebrating, you’ll enjoy playing with these sweet counting games!

14. Ice Cream Sundae Count

Count to twenty with your child by placing cherriess onto an ice cream cone? Then come check out this cool number activity! This is a hands – off, kid friendly ice cream count activity to help practice numbers from one to twenty. Just download and open the.docx document to get started. Your kids can then count along as they enjoy the tasty treat.

15. Monster Counting

Children love friendly creatures and will enjoy creating these cute monster eye stickers. They’re a fun activity for practicing number recognition from one to twenty. Get the Monster Eye Stickers set and let them create their own monster friends!

Educational games for kindergartners

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Activities for preschoolers to count to 20

Items you can use to help counting skills for toddlers:

  • Soft balls
  • Construction trucks
  • Counting book
  • Counting Farm Animals
  • Circle stickers
  • CountingGoldfish Activity

Activities for Toddlers that involve counting will help with their motor skill and give them strong number sense. 

Activities for Toddlers and activity for preschoolers

  • activity with stickers
  • Camping math activities
  • prep activity
  • printable counting activities
  • dauber number worksheets
  • activities for preschool
  • activity for kids
  • handy number sack

Toddlers who practice counting will develop:

  • math skills
  • basic skill
  • motor skills
  • fun counting games
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