DIY Elmer Elephant Craft Ideas: Fun Crafts for Toddlers

Do you have a little one who loves Elmer the Elephant? If so, we have some fun crafts for you!

In this article, we will be sharing four different Elmer craft ideas. These crafts are perfect for toddlers and can be made with materials that you likely already have at home.

We will also provide directions on how to create a sponge painted Elmer, which is sure to be a hit with your little one.

Be sure to check out all of the fun Elmer crafts below!

Materials you will need:

– White construction paper

– Paint (grey, yellow, pink, blue, and green paint)

– Paintbrushes

– Black marker pen

– Glue (PVA)

– Scissors

– Old magazines or newspapers

Elmer the Elephant Activities for Kids

Elmer the Elephant is a fun and colorful character that kids love. He is a patchwork elephant that provides lots of opportunity for creative play with your toddler.

There are lots of different Elmer activities that you can do with your kids, from coloring pages to crafts. Here are some of our favorite Elmer crafts for toddlers.

DIY Elmer Elephant Crafts for kids:

  1. Painted Elmer
  2. Elmer collage
  3. Cardboard Elmer

1. Painted Elmer

This first craft is a simple on that kids will love. You will need multiple paints so that you can create the patchwork design of Elmer. First, have your child sponge paint the elephant’s outline.

Once it dries, help them create different sections using the black paint and also add the trunk and eyes. Next, fill out each section with the different paint colors.

You can also use cardboard boxes to build a world for Elmer to play in and have lots of creative adventures.

2. Elmer Collage

Grab the glue, old magazines and colored paper and make an Elmer Collage! Cut out lots of different colors and textures from the magazines so your toddler has lots of ideas to work with.

Next, let them create their Elmer collage by sticking down lots of colors. It will get messy as toddlers always use too much glue but you’ll have lots of fun in the process!

3. Cardboard Elmer

This craft idea uses lots of cardboard to make an Elmer elephant. Gather your old cardboard boxes and trim them down. Paint each part a different color and get your toddler to glue them into an elephant body shape. 

More Elmer the Elephant Activities

Elmer the Elephant is a fun and colorful character that toddlers love. There are many different activities you can do with your child to celebrate Elmer, including the crafts mentioned above. Here are some more ideas for Elmer elephant craft:

-Cut out an Elmer shape from construction paper or cardboard and have your child decorate it with colorful stickers, markers, or crayons.

-Make a Elmer puppet by cutting two large circles out of white felt. Glue them together leaving a small opening at the top. Cut out two smaller circles from black felt for eyes and glue them in place. 

Conclusion paragraph: If you’re looking for craft ideas to get your kids excited about art, there are lots of fun projects that can be done incorporating Elmer.  Whichever one you choose, don’t forget to have fun while creating these crafts and hopefully you found something that inspires you to get creative this weekend. 

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DIY Elmer Elephant Craft Ideas: Fun Crafts for Toddlers

DIY Elmer Elephant Craft Ideas: Fun Crafts for Toddlers