Entertain a toddler when it’s raining | Chase away those rainy blues

Rainy days are difficult when you have a toddler to keep entertained. Rain reduces the places you can play with your toddler and usually means it is time to find some indoor games.

In this article, we have both indoor and outdoor activities to do when it’s raining as well as places to visit if you’re bored of being stuck indoors.

This list of rainy day ideas features creative ideas that will keep your 2-year-old occupied during this time. The activities are easy, cheap, or free, and can provide hours of entertainment with little supervision needed from adults! They will help you entertain a toddler indoors during the rainy season.

We’ve found some great indoor activities for toddlers that will keep them busy and happy while keeping you sane! These activities also make the perfect rainy day activity as well.

7 super easy indoor rainy day activities

Here are 7 indoor activities for toddlers that will keep them entertained, happy, and out of trouble when the rain starts pouring:

1. Play dress-up

Playing dress-up can be a great way for children to get creative and use their imagination. Why not let them plan an adventure? First they will need to pick out a suitable outfit and then pack a bag of items they will need. Will your child need a hat? Will they pack some sunglasses? These types of activities will keep your child engaged for a long time.

2. Build a fort

With a little creativity, your living room can transform into an indoor fort! All that is needed are some blankets and chairs. Pick a spot in the house where they’ll have plenty of space for their blanket fort and then gather some blankets, cushions and anything else soft. Pegs are useful for holding up the blankets.

3. Set up an obstacle course in your living room

Your living room is the perfect place to put up an obstacle course! You can create a maze with furniture, or make a balance beam out of cushions. It’s amazing how you never realize all that stuff in your house until it becomes part of a game!

4. Play with playdough
My kids love to play with playdough! It’s so fun and it makes me feel like a kid again. I’ve always loved playing with clay, but this is much more forgiving when you make mistakes. Plus the best part about it is all of the different colors that they come in!

5. Cardboard boxes
Let your kids’ imaginations run wild by using cardboard boxes. Make ramps for toy cars, or sit in a little locomotive of their own!

6. Mailbox
Set up a mailbox in your living room and let them write letters, add stamps, and then post! This is one of my favorite things to do with a 2-year-old on a rainy day.

7. Play with water
The suds from soap bubbles are a great way to make kids happy! The fastest way to keep children entertained is by mixing warm or cold water with some dish-washing liquid. This will create dozens of soapy, colorful bubbles for them to play in and enjoy while you clean up the kitchen – all at once!

4 Super creative Fun ideas to do on Rainy Days | Activities For Kids

1. Make a Book
Make your own book with your toddler. Get colored paper, glue, and scissors. Give your toddler a stack of paper and let them draw on it. Once they are done, have them cut out the pictures from their drawings to create a storybook. A great way to make memories with your toddler is by making DIY crafts that will last for years! Here’s one easy craft project you can do in just an hour.

2. Paper Planes
Make your own paper planes. All you need is a stack of paper and a clear surface to fold. Your toddler will love the challenge of taking them a flight. They can even add their own colors to the planes and watch them fly.

3. Paint some stones
Paint some stones with your toddler. This a really cheap and creative activity. All you need is a few paint colors and some stones. Paint the stones a bunch of different colors, let them dry, and then put your child to work picking up as many painted rocks they can find around the house or yard. You could also try finger-painting by filling small containers with water mixed with food coloring and letting your toddler use their hands

4. Glue dinner paper plates
This keeps kids busy and is lots of fun. Get some pva glue, gather some paper plates and some old magazines. Cut out pictures of food and ask your toddler to create their favorite meal by gluing items to the plate. This is best done at a table to contain the mess and can help alleviate cabin fever.

My toddler’s 5 favorite outdoor rainy day activities

Rainy days can be a challenge for parents. There are lot fewer activities do on wet days and it can feel like you are stuck in the house all day long. But what if you go outside in the rain? Wet weather and rain will do no harm to your child so why not go outside and embrace the rain? My daughter really enjoys the rain and is fascinated by a downpour. Here are her 5 favorite outdoor rainy day activities.

  1. Jumping in puddles
    Don’t forget the wellies! Don’t limit this to just jumping in puddles when you can hop, skip and dance through them!
  2. Following a stream
    When the rain starts falling, why don’t you follow it? It flows down the street and looks like a little river before eventually falling into a drain.
  3. Chasing rainbows
    Every cloud has a silver lining and every downpour might have a rainbow! Why not turn it into a game and hunt for a rainbow?
  4. Worm walk
    The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a rainy day is always the worms. Why not go on a nature walk in search of these wriggly creatures. This is a fun activity and one that can be turned into a game; who can find the most! You should be able to find plenty as they make themselves known by climbing up from beneath the ground and onto the wet grass.
  5. Water painting
    Not the traditional water painting that involves different paints. For this one, you’ll just need a brush and a small bucket or cup. Collect some rainwater in the bucket or cup and your little one can dip the brush in and ‘paint’ the side of the house or a wall. Children find this fascinating as the water soaks onto the wall. This leaves no mess and they can be as creative as they like.

7 free places to take your toddler when its raining

  1. IKEA
    IKEA is the ultimate toddler outing. It’s cluttered, it’s loud, and it has enough stuff to keep a toddler entertained for hours. The best part? They have food! I know that taking your kids out to eat can get expensive really fast, so having an option where they’ll be able to run around for free while you’re not breaking the bank is a great thing. They have so much stuff to play with that it’s guaranteed they will find something of interest and be engrossed in exploring it, whether the large furniture or playing with all the arts and crafts supplies.
  2. Library
    It’s raining outside, and your little one is looking for something to do. The library is a great place! There are many books to explore, there are puzzles, and there are plenty of fun activities that will keep your toddler entertained. And then there’s all of the other fun stuff like puzzles, board games, and music that just makes this place such a great destination when it rains outside.
  3. Pet store
    Your kids will love a pet store! With so many animals to see, they’ll never get bored. Whether you’re looking for a cute kitten or an awesome fish tank, your local pet store is the place to go. You can even find some furry friends that are up for adoption and ready to be loved by their new family.
  4. Free Museums
    There are many museums that are free and others that offer inexpensive admission. These museums are perfect destinations for parents who want to entertain their children while still doing something productive.
  5. Local Mall
    Take a break from the daily routine and have some fun at the mall! Not only will they enjoy the sights and sounds of all of the stores but there is so much to see and explore. The local mall is filled with play areas for both toddlers and preschoolers, which are perfect for keeping them entertained while you window shop.
  6. Free soft play
    If you have a toddler in tow and are looking for someplace to take them, then the free soft play center is a great place to go. It’s free! It’s indoors! And it has enough toys, slides, tunnels, and other fun things that will keep your little one entertained.
  7. Toy store
    A toy store is one of the best places to take a toddler because they are surrounded by their favorite things. They can explore and play with new toys in a stimulating environment. 

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Entertain a toddler when it’s raining | Chase away those rainy blues

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