Toddler & Preschool Maths Games with Lids

If you are looking for some fun ways to help your toddler or preschooler with their maths skills, look no further than plastic lids! These versatile objects can be used for a range of games that will help with counting, cardinality, addition and subtraction. Read on to see all our maths games to play with lids!

Maths Games to Play With Lids

Plastic lids are a fabulous toy for playing and learning. They are free. There are nine fun maths-inspired games for toddlers and preschools to play with plastic lids. 1. Count them: as I shared in this post – Beyond Number Names: Supporting children as they learn to count, children who progress well at math, at least in the first few years of preschool and school have a good understanding of cardinality and its application. And the best way to develop this understand is lots and lots of opportunities for toddlers and preschoolers, to count groups of objects, especially groups of more than 3. I love that counting, is such a simple learning activities that you can really take any place. 2. Matching: This game encourages children to match

2. Sort by colours: revise colours with preschoolers with lot of sorting and asking questions, such as, “can you find me a pink lid?” and ‘which colour is mummy holding?’. 3. Match lidds to bottles: One morning, when making Immy was about two years old, I passed her a glass bottle and three lids – one fit the bottle, but the others were too big. She tried to find the right one and put it on the bottle, reinforcing maths concepts such as size and colour. This also encouraged her to try again and again until she found the correct lid.

A tub full of different sized and shaped containers and their lids. Your child loves matching the right lid to the right container. You can make your own matching game by using wadding, bubble wrap or felt, and glueing a small piece into each top of the lid.

Ice Cream Lid Sorting Game

Children love to play with numbers. This game helps them learn how to count and recognize numerals.

9. Counting matches are fun because you get to see how many times you’ve played the same game before. You also get to see if you’re getting better at counting.

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Preschool Math Activities that are Super Fun

Math skills are so important and teaching them to preschoolers is crucial! Whether you teach math to children in a classroom full of preschool students or homeschool one or more at home, it’s essential to use hands-on mathematics experiences. Here are some great math activities for preschoolers!

HandsOn Preschool Math Activities

1) Roll and Dot the Number – A quick preschool math game that teaches children to identify numbers and count by using one-to-one correspondence. It is one of our favorites! 2) This Build and Measure Block Centre – Such a neat way for kids explore measurement!

3. These Counting Bears Numbers Strips are a hands on way for toddlers and preschooler to learn numbers, counting, and even colors. 4 These Tree Play Dough Numbers Matts are a great way to get your child working on a number of math skill including counting to ten! 5. Work on color identification and sorting with these Button Sort Cups.

This simple fine motor counting tray is super easy to set-up and provide excellent fine motor practice too! Grab your craft sticks and create this colors and patterns craft sticks for your math centers! Teaching symmetry to preschoolers with LEGO DUPLOS is perfect for teaching symmetry too!

Bugs in a jar is an educational game for children ages 4-10. This game teaches them how to count by using objects instead of numbers. You can also use this game as a party favor or classroom activity.

Count the Dots from x to y

A card game with visual representations of cards, and trophies. This is a fun game to play with a toddler. 

Match Numbers up to

Photo Farm is an educational game about animals. You’ll be asked to take photos of different animals. Don’t worry, there are no real animals harmed during this process.

Count Objects to

The Oolzoos want to play hide-and-seek. They’re already in hiding, but they’re hungry. Come, find them, and feed them their favorite foods.

Practice counting on with cards and dice

A deck of cards has 52 cards. Each card has a value from 2-10. You start by rolling two dice. The numbers on the dice represent the values of each card. For example, if you roll a 4 and a 7, you count on having a 10. So, you’d say, “Four: ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen.” If you get it wrong, you lose your turn.

Have a rubber duck race

Kids love playing this game because they get to roll the dice and count how many times they need to roll to reach a certain number. This game teaches children about numbers and counting.

Stack cups and count to

Math games are fun for kids. Stackable cups are used in this game. Counting is done with cups. A competition is created when the kids play together.

Compare numbers with dominoes

Math cubes are used to stack up numbers to compare them. Dominoes are stacked up to show how big or small each number is. This activity helps students understand how to compare numbers.

Use Uno cards to play addition war

Two cards are flipped over. Players must use counting blocks to represent numbers on the board. Each player adds up the numbers represented by the blocks, and the person who gets the highest number wins the hand. Play continues until someone reaches 100 points.

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Toddler & Preschool Maths Games with Lids

Toddler & Preschool Maths Games with Lids