Toddler Craft Ideas for December: Festive and Fun Projects for Little Hands

As December rolls around, parents and educators alike search for creative ways to engage toddlers with activities that are both festive and educational.

Toddler craft ideas for December offer a perfect blend of fun and learning, with a seasonal twist. Engaging in crafts can enhance a child’s fine motor skills, encourage cognitive development, and spark their creativity.

With a focus on winter and Christmas themes, craft activities become an immersive experience that not only celebrates the holiday season but also introduces toddlers to new concepts and sensory experiences.

A table covered in festive craft supplies like construction paper, glitter, and glue. A completed paper snowflake and a painted pinecone ornament sit nearby

The holiday season provides a wonderful opportunity to incorporate eco-friendly crafting materials and seasonal characters into toddler activities. Using items that are readily available at home or in nature, such as paper, cotton, and leaves, parents can guide their little ones through making simple holiday decorations or gifts.

These hands-on activities not only foster a sense of accomplishment but also help children understand the joy of giving. Interactive crafts that incorporate textures, colors, and shapes serve as valuable educational tools in a toddler’s development.

Key Takeaways

  • Crafting in December enhances toddlers’ fine motor skills and creativity.
  • Seasonal crafts provide educational value through sensory experiences.
  • Toddlers can create eco-friendly projects and gifts with guidance.

The Importance of Crafts in Early Childhood Development

Colorful paper, glue, and scissors scattered on a table. A child's handcrafted snowflake hangs in the window. Festive holiday decorations surround the craft area

Crafts play a pivotal role in the growth and development of toddlers and preschoolers. From fostering fine motor skills to expanding the horizons of creativity, engaging in craft activities is integral for young children.

Enhancing Fine Motor Skills

Craft activities such as cutting, drawing, or threading beads require children to use their hands in intricate ways. For toddlers and preschoolers, these tasks are not just fun but are crucial for improving fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Simple activities like using child-safe scissors or manipulating playdough strengthen the small muscles in their hands, which are important for later skills like writing.

Boosting Creativity and Imagination

Crafts offer an open-ended platform for children to express their creativity and imagination. When they engage in arts and crafts, toddlers and preschoolers learn to represent their ideas visually. This creative expression is key in developing cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills as they learn to think outside the box and innovate with the materials they have at hand.

Winter and Christmas Themed Crafts

December crafts captivate the cheer of the season with their vibrant colors and playful themes. These toddler-friendly craft ideas bring the joy of winter and Christmas into your home through creative projects that utilize simple supplies like paper plates, popsicle sticks, and everyday crafting materials to make magical decorations.

Paper Plate Crafts for December

Snow-filled skies and festive joy can be captured on paper plates, transforming them into decorative pieces. Paper plates serve as a versatile canvas for toddlers to create simple winter scenes with cotton ball snowmen and shimmering snowflake designs. Another popular craft is the paper plate Santa, where kids can paint and decorate their plate to resemble jolly old Saint Nicholas.

Popsicle Stick Christmas Creations

Popsicle sticks are the backbone of countless Christmas crafts. They can be painted green and arranged into a popsicle stick Christmas tree, adorned with glitter, buttons, or sequins as ornaments. Additionally, arranging them in a star shape and attaching a loop allows for easy Christmas ornaments that toddlers can proudly hang on the tree or give as heartfelt gifts.

Snowflake and Snowmen Decorations

The quintessential symbols of winter, snowflakes and snowmen, are perfect for toddler crafts. Cutting paper into intricate snowflake crafts helps toddlers improve their fine motor skills while enjoying the uniqueness of each snowflake they create. Meanwhile, constructing snowmen out of fluffy cotton balls or marshmallows provides a tactile experience that captures the essence of winter fun without the need for actual snow.

Craft Ideas for Celebrating the Holiday Season

Colorful paper snowflakes, glittery ornaments, and a festive wreath adorn a cozy living room, with a table set up for holiday crafting

December crafts provide young children with a tactile and creative means of engaging with the holiday’s festivities. These crafts not only beautify homes but also serve as cherished keepsakes.

DIY Christmas Ornaments

Materials Needed:

  • Clear plastic ornaments
  • Assorted paint colors
  • Glitter
  • Ribbon

One can involve toddlers in DIY Christmas Ornaments by using clear plastic ornaments as a safe alternative to glass. Painting the insides of these ornaments with various colors allows children to mix and create unique patterns. Adding a pinch of glitter offers a sparkling effect, and a ribbon tied to the top makes it ready to hang.

Handprint and Footprint Keepsakes


  • Non-toxic paint
  • Paper or special keepsake cards
  • Markers for decoration

Creating Handprint and Footprint Keepsakes enables parents to preserve the small size of their child’s hands and feet during the holiday season. After pressing the child’s hand or foot in non-toxic paint and then on paper, one can embellish these prints with markers to transform them into festive characters like reindeer, santa, or a polar bear handprint.

Gingerbread House Crafts

Tools Required:

  • Graham crackers or gingerbread panels
  • White icing
  • Candies for decoration

Constructing a Gingerbread House serves as a multi-sensory activity, where toddlers can stack graham crackers or gingerbread, use icing to cement the walls, and decorate with an array of colorful candies. This edible craft not only fosters creativity but also introduces toddlers to the concept of construction and design.

Educational Craft Activities

A toddler's hands painting a paper snowflake with glitter and glue. Tables covered in colorful craft supplies like construction paper, markers, and stickers

In December, craft activities for toddlers can be both fun and educational, providing opportunities for little ones to learn about shapes, colors, counting, and the alphabet through creative play.

Learning Shapes and Colors with Crafts

Toddlers are naturally curious about the world around them, and crafts offer a playful way to introduce shapes and colors. A free printable Christmas light suncatcher can help them recognize different shapes while layering various colors of tissue paper to create a stained glass effect. Additionally, constructing a simple shape collage with colored paper cutouts reinforces their ability to identify and differentiate between shapes and hues.

Counting and Pattern Making

Crafts that incorporate counting and pattern making foster early math skills. For example, creating a chain of paper rings in alternating colors can teach toddlers about patterns and sequences. Incorporating pom poms into a craft, where children count and sort them by color or size, also encourages addition skills as they tally their totals.

Alphabet and Language Development

Alphabet and language development are crucial, and December crafts can be themed around the holidays to make learning letters joyful. Using Christmas alphabet worksheets, toddlers can trace letters shaped like holiday symbols. Crafting an alphabet tree, where each ornament features a different letter, allows toddlers to practice letter recognition while engaging in festive decoration.

Craft Resources and Guides

A table filled with holiday-themed craft supplies, surrounded by colorful construction paper, glitter, and glue. A calendar on the wall shows December

Crafting with toddlers in December is a magical activity that often becomes a highlight of the holiday season. Ensuring that there are ample resources available can streamline the process for parents and teachers alike, making it enjoyable and stress-free.

Printable Templates and Pictures

Free printable templates serve as a perfect starting point for many crafts. Websites such as Crafting Jeannie offer a variety of free templates that can be used to create themed decorations, such as a candy cane craft or a paper Christmas tree craft. These pdf files are easily downloadable and can be printed out for immediate use, providing a quick solution for those needing to plan activities promptly.

Step-by-Step Craft Instructions

For those who appreciate guidance, Made with HAPPY provides step-by-step craft instructions, which are particularly handy for teachers or parents engaging in crafting for the first time. These clear directions offer a step-by-step approach to easy crafts, ensuring that the final product is both achievable and satisfying.

Material Lists and Alternatives

Recognizing that not everyone has the same crafting supplies on hand, resources like 123 Homeschool 4 Me include comprehensive material lists for each craft, along with suggestions for alternatives. This aids in the preparation, helping crafters to know what is required in advance and offering options if something is not readily available. Lists usually indicate if common household items can be used, making it easier to facilitate child-friendly projects without the need for a special shopping trip.

Engaging Toddlers with Interactive Crafts

Toddlers creating holiday-themed crafts with colorful paper, glue, and glitter. A festive atmosphere with twinkling lights and cheerful music

Crafting activities are essential in developing a toddler’s creativity and fine motor skills. Interactive crafts such as coloring, bingo, scavenger hunts, and puzzles provide toddlers with an opportunity to learn, explore, and celebrate the festive spirit during December.

Coloring Pages and Activity Sheets

Coloring has always been a favorite among toddlers. Specifically for December, free Christmas coloring pages allow children to explore color and designs inspired by the holiday season. Various activities for preschoolers can be found on themed activity sheets that can include mazes, dot-to-dot, and simple word finds, engaging them in a mix of fun and learning.

Christmas Bingo and Scavenger Hunts

Christmas bingo offers a festive twist to the traditional game and helps toddlers with object recognition and matching skills. Christmas scavenger hunts bring excitement to learning by hiding objects for toddlers to find, turning the learning process into an exciting game. These hunts can also introduce toddlers to new words and concepts as they search for specific holiday-themed items.

Seasonal Games and Puzzles

Puzzles tailored to December themes, such as snowflakes or Santa Claus, teach toddlers problem-solving and perseverance. Seasonal games, such as a Christmas word search, can be simplified for younger children, helping them to recognize letters and develop language skills. Engaging in these activities can offer a mix of solo and group play, adapting to different learning styles and social settings.

Special Holiday Crafts for Gifting

Colorful holiday-themed crafts scattered on a table with glue, glitter, and paper. A finished snowman ornament and a festive wreath sit nearby

December is a wonderful time for toddlers to create heartfelt crafts that serve as gifts for loved ones. With a little guidance, their creations can brighten homes and spread holiday cheer.

Presents for Family and Friends

Handmade Matchbox Gift Boxes are perfect for tiny treasures that toddlers can give. These small boxes can be decorated with paint, stickers, or festive paper, making them personal and special. The crafts from ParentMap suggest using matchboxes for wrapping children’s small presents, making the gifting experience both fun and memorable.

  • Christmas Tree Crafts: Constructing mini Christmas trees from paper can be an entertaining activity. Toddlers can decorate them with glitter, buttons, or colored paper, transforming them into charming ornaments that parents and friends would treasure.

Creating Decorations for the Home

Personalized Ornaments make the Christmas tree at home feel even more special. Crafts like the Puffy Paint Mistletoe Ornament or the Paper Reindeer Star enable toddlers to contribute to the family’s holiday décor. These hands-on projects not only serve as delightful decorations but also as cherished mementos for years to come. For specific craft ideas, consider exploring the unique ornament designs provided by Glued To My Crafts.

  • Nativity Scenes: A toddler-friendly nativity scene allows young children to play a part in telling the Christmas story. By crafting figures and elements of the nativity, they create a meaningful display that enhances the holiday spirit within the home.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Crafting

A toddler sits at a table surrounded by recycled materials, creating eco-friendly holiday crafts with adult supervision. The room is filled with natural light and festive decorations

Embracing eco-friendly and sustainable crafting for toddlers not only fosters creativity but also instills environmental responsibility. This approach revolves around the principles of reusing materials and opting for natural, biodegradable options.

Reusing Material for Crafts

Creative reuse of existing materials is at the heart of sustainable crafting. Toddler crafts can incorporate reused paper items, such as newspapers, magazines, and wrappers, transforming them into intriguing paper crafts. Engaging platforms like Pinterest offer a wealth of ideas on how to incorporate these reused materials into festive decorations or playful collages, building a treasure trove of inspiration for parents and educators alike.

  • Cardboard boxes can be turned into gingerbread houses.
  • Toilet paper rolls become whimsical characters.

This practice not only minimizes waste but also emphasizes the value of repurposing common household items.

Natural and Biodegradable Options

When selecting materials for crafting, one should prioritize those that won’t linger in the environment. Safe and eco-conscious choices, such as biodegradable glitter or beeswax crayons, ensure that the fun of crafting doesn’t compromise the planet’s well-being.

Natural elements, like pine cones and leaves, can be collected outdoors and used for artwork, reflecting the beauty of the season while being inherently biodegradable. Mason Jar Lanterns decorated with tissue paper and non-toxic glue are not only charming but also exemplify a preference for materials that have a minimal environmental impact. Toddler crafts made from these substances help cultivate a greener future and a more sustainable lifestyle.

Seasonal Motifs and Characters

A cozy living room with a decorated Christmas tree, stockings hanging by the fireplace, and festive holiday-themed crafts scattered on a table

December crafts offer an engaging way to talk about seasonal changes and holiday traditions with toddlers. They not only help in developing fine motor skills but also in understanding the world around them through playful themes and characters.

Penguin and Polar Bear Themes

Penguins and polar bears introduce toddlers to the wonders of arctic wildlife. Crafting with penguin themes often includes activities like creating pom pom penguins, which are tactile and help with color recognition. Using simple supplies, such as cotton balls and egg cartons, parents and educators can assist toddlers in making their own polar bear projects. For example, transforming toilet paper rolls into polar bear figurines fosters both creativity and environmental awareness.

Santa, Reindeer, and Grinch Projects

The iconic figures of Santa Claus, his reindeer, and the Grinch are central to December’s festivities. Making a Santa craft can involve a range of materials from paper plates to cotton balls, engaging a child’s imagination and dexterity. Popsicle stick reindeer projects encourage the use of basic geometric shapes and can serve as an entry point to discuss wildlife habits in winter. For a touch of fun and fine motor skills development, kids can participate in making Grinch slime, blending sensory play with storytelling.

Foxtail and Winter Wildlife

Exploring the theme of foxes and other winter wildlife helps toddlers learn about animals’ winter adaptations. Creating a fox tail with felt and yarn can spark discussions about animal behavior and habitat. Moreover, incorporating winter activities for kids within these crafts, such as gathering twigs for a wildlife collage, encourages outdoor play and nature observation, enriching their learning experience with hands-on discovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, readers will find answers to common questions about toddler craft activities for December, incorporating themes of the festive season and winter.

What are some easy and festive crafts for toddlers in December?

Toddlers can engage in creating Thumbprint Christmas Tree Art, which teaches them about colors and negative space, using just paint and paper. Activities such as decorating paper plates to make Santa faces or handprint wreaths are also fun and doable for little ones.

How can I create simple winter-themed crafts suitable for a 2-3 year-old?

Simple winter crafts for toddlers include making snowflakes from cotton balls or constructing Giant Christmas Light Suncatchers. Both activities encourage fine motor skills and can be completed with everyday household items.

What Christmas decorations can toddlers make with minimal assistance?

Toddlers can make Reindeer Puzzle Piece Ornaments and Santa Beard Christmas Countdown decorations. Such crafts allow them to participate in holiday festivities and create keepsakes with little help.

Which preschool December craft activities also help in child development?

Crafts like Pipe Cleaner Christmas Trees or dough-based crafts enable children to refine motor skills and explore their creativity, serving a dual purpose of fun and development.

Can you suggest some Christmas craft projects appropriate for toddlers aged 1-2?

For the youngest crafters, tactile projects like a no-sew Giant Gingerbread Man or simple paper-based crafts allow for sensory exploration and are age-appropriate for toddlers aged 1-2.

What are creative activities for kids to make at home during the Christmas season?

Families can work on projects like pom pom pinecone ornaments or decorating paper Santa Hats. These activities foster creativity and can be made with materials found at home.

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