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Quick and easy kids crafts anyone can make!

You don’t need any special equipment or skills to create these kid craft ideas. Anybody can make them! They’re perfect for the whole fami­ly to have some creative time! 

Read on to discover some amazing art projects!

Quick and easy kids crafts for toddlers.

One of the best things you can do for your family is to get creative together. You don’t need any special skills or tools to be able to create fun activities with your kids. Most of the crafts listed below can be made in under 15 minutes.

Why Craft with Your Kids?

In today’s world, where art is often seen as something that should be relegated to museums and galleries, it is imperative that we continue to foster the practice of creating art among our youth.

By introducing art into the lives of our kids, we give them a sense of self worth, confidence, and independence that is unparalleled. We allow them to express themselves through their creations, and we help them develop skills that will serve them throughout life.

Ninety percent of the parents surveyed said that they’d prefer to spend more quality family times crafting together, but they don’t know how to go about doing so.

With these lists of quick and simple craft projects, I hope they’ll inspire you to create something fun and creative for yourself and others. They’re so easy!

Easy arts and crafts projects for kids

Recycled Tin Can Windsocks

is a TON OF FUN! Simply squeeze the easy four-ingredient paint onto your paper and then watch the paint explode into a puffy cloud! A great activity for kids to do together!

Colorful DIY Key Windchime

are always a huge success with kids of all age groups! They’re easy enough for toddlers, but they’re fun enough that older kids always want to make their own!

Rainbow Tissue Paper Streamers

— Easy Peasy, and so much easier than you think! — Easy Peasy, but so much easier than you might expect!

DIY Cardboard Marble Run

Bird seed ornaments are a fun way for kids to decorate their bird feeders.

is a fun way for kids to create their own artistic masterpieces! Easily print out your creations onto cards, stickers, and more for fun gifts!

Bubble Painting

With clear plastics and acrylics!

Garden Flowers

are another fun kids’ craft that can also be used for a sweet homemade gift!

Tie Dye Sharpie Bookmarks

are not only a great activity for children to enjoy, but they’re also a great means of organizing their toys and keepsakes.

Pour Painted Flower Pots!

Fun and easy kids crafts for busy parents!

Stained Glass Heart Crowns

It’s a blast! Quick and easy to prepare, it provides lots of fun for the whole family!

A quick list of craft ideas:

  • Monster Truck Painting!
  • Salad Spinner Fireworks
  • Spin Art Notecards!
  • Melted Bead Sun Catchers!
  • Tissue Paper Collage Birdhouses
  • Cupcake Liner Flowers
  • Easy DIY Princess Wands
  • Button Tree Art Canvas!

Art Supplies needed:

  1. Googly eyes
  2. Paper plates
  3. Paper towels
  4. Black paper
  5. Chalk markers
  6. Cereal boxes
  7. Oil pastels

Regardless of which craft you decide to make for your children, you’re sure to have a lot of fun creating memories together and having a good old fashioned family bonding session!

If you want other quick and easy kids crafts, check out these other craft ideas for kids.

Here are some easy art activities to help kids deal with transitions.

These easy arts and crafts projects are low maintenance and perfect for transitioning between activities during the day.

What time do you set up art activity for your children?

As they got older, I would do them during different times of the days. For example, mornings were always good for us because we had time to get ready before school, but I would try to have something simple to do when we transitioned from one activity to another, such as after breakfast or naptime.

When my children started going to school, I used to enjoy having an easy-to-make craft project ready for them when they came home from school. It was a good way to spend time together at the dinner table, talking and creating something fun.

These are some fun arts and crafts projects for kids that are good for after school or other transitions.

These are low key, low mess activi­ties that usually don’t involve any adult involvement and generally take less than an hour to complete.

Of course, there are always just drawing or painting, which aren’t necessarily bad either.

Easy art and craft ideas for kids.

1. Shadow tracing art

Shadow painting is a fun way to get children involved in arts and crafts projects. Trace a pattern of shadows and lights onto paper and then paint it.

2. Paint with dots instead of lines.

Instead of using brushes, kids can use Q-tips to create patterns by dotting different colors together. They’ll enjoy watching their creations come alive!

3. Easy Yarn Suncatchers

Yarn suncatcher activities are fun for both young and old. Kids can use them to practice their fine-mouthing skills, and adults can use them to relax during the day.

5. Playdough modelling

Play dough is a great way for kids to learn new skills, practice fine motor skills, and explore their creativity. Here are some ways to use play dough to help children develop these important life skills.

6. You could create DIY art activity page templates for kids.

Encouraging children’s creativity by giving them access to fun and easy ways to express themselves through creative projects and activities is one way to encourage their imagination. If you’re looking for an even simpler option, we’ve got a few ideas for printable arts and crafts activities here.

7. You could use colorful tissue papers or natural objects to create sun catchers for your windows.

We love sun catchers! We actually have a whole page dedicated to all of our sun catcher ideas. There are soooo many ways to make them, but contacting sheeted by a piece of cardboard is super easy. Feel freeto usethe tissue papers,flora orleaves to stick on top to makebeautifuldesigns.

8. Drawing with pencils

With these fun paints and some simple techniques, you can create vivid paintings with children. Use a combination of watercolors and oils for an even better result.

9. Collage with paper squares

This super simple activity works well with children because they enjoy tearing or cutting things up. Use them to decorate posters or cards.

10. Try toothpicks with grapefruit for a healthy snack!

Toothpicks are an easy craft project that children and adults alike will enjoy. There are so many different ways to use them.

Use watercolors to create a watercolor resist effect.

It’s fun and simple to draw with crayons or oils pastels, then use watercolor paints to add color to them. You can even see the original design emerge from the colors applied to it!

11. Sticker art

It’s so much fun to “draw” images using these cute sticker sheets! Use them to create designs by painting over them with watercolor paints. When the paint dries, peel off the sheet and you’ll get a beautiful picture! Sprinkling salt on the wet colors gives the finished piece a lovely shimmery look.

12. Masks are an easy way to add some fun to your desk. Try using masking tapes for DIY masks!

Make sure kids enjoy using masking tapes. Let them create their own designs by cutting out shapes from large rolls of masking tapes, or small rolls of washi tapes.

13. Hole Art Challenge

It’s a super easy arts and crafts activity for children, but you’ll be amazed at what they create when given an open-ended prompt.

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