Silly Putty Recipe

Do you remember playing with silly putty as a kid? This classic toy is still popular today, and for good reason! Silly putty is so much fun to play with, and it’s also really easy to make at home. In this blog post, we will share some of our favorite silly putty recipes. We will also answer some common questions about silly putty, such as “what is silly putty?” and “is this DIY silly putty like the one at the store?” Keep reading for all the details!

How to Make Silly Putty

There are many different recipes for silly putty, but we think the simplest one is this two-ingredient silly putty recipe. All you need is white glue and liquid starch. Just mix equal parts of each ingredient together in a bowl, and voila! You have homemade silly putty.

If you want to make silly putty that is more like the store-bought kind, you can try this recipe. It uses Borax instead of liquid starch, and it yields a silly putty that is slightly less sticky and easier to mold.

To make this silly putty recipe, you will need:

– ¼ cup white glue

– ¼ cup hot water

– ½ teaspoon Borax powder

First, mix the glue and water together in a bowl. Then, add the Borax powder and stir until it is fully dissolved. Your silly putty is now ready to play with! 

To store, use a plastic container or airtight container. 

Silly Putty Science Experiments

One of the best things about silly putty is that it can be used for all sorts of science experiments! For example, did you know that silly putty can absorb sound waves? To try this experiment, all you need is a piece of silly putty and a radio. Turn the radio on to a station with lots of static, and then hold the silly putty up to the speaker. The silly putty will start to vibrate and make funny noises!

You can also use silly putty to teach kids about states of matter. If you leave silly putty out in a warm room, it will become softer and more malleable. But if you refrigerate it, silly putty will become harder and more brittle. This is because silly putty is what scientists call a “non-Newtonian fluid,” which means that its viscosity (thickness) changes in response to temperature.

We hope you enjoyed learning about silly putty and trying out our recipes! What other ways do you like to play with silly putty? Let us know in the comments below. And be sure to check back soon for more fun science experiments and activities for kids. Thanks for reading!

Silly Putty Ingredients

Here is the list of ingredients you will need for your silly putty.

– White glue

– Liquid starch

– Borax powder

-Food Coloring

-Warm water 

Is This DIY Silly Putty Like The One at The Store?

The silly putty recipe is very similar to the one you would find at the store. It is less sticky and easier to mold. You can add drops of food coloring to change the color

Whether you want to make a batch of classic silly putty or experiment with some new and exciting recipes, we hope that this blog post has inspired you to get creative in the kitchen. This is a great sensory activities for toddlers.  Have fun playing with your new batch of homemade putty recipe!

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Silly Putty Recipe

Silly Putty Recipe